Large Animal Services

We take great pride in the vast range of large animal services that we offer.

Veterinary Services

If you love your animal, you can count on Cross County Veterinary Clinic to care for your pet with love and compassion. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of care for your large animals.

Farm Calls

Experience convenient veterinary care with our farm calls in Wynne, AR. Our expert veterinary team brings specialized services to your location, ensuring the health and well-being of your livestock. Trust us for personalized attention, preventive measures, and prompt interventions, supporting the success of your farm and animals.


Vaccines play a pivotal role in safeguarding animal health in Wynne, AR. Our veterinary experts administer essential vaccines, shielding farm animals and herds from harmful diseases. Trust in our dedicated approach to preventive care, ensuring a vibrant and joyful life for your large animals.

Lab Work

Experience precise diagnostics in Wynne, AR, with our comprehensive lab work services. Cutting-edge technology aids in swift and accurate results, guiding effective treatment plans for your animals. Trust our expert veterinarians to provide thorough insights, ensuring the health and happiness of your large animals.

Lameness Exams

Our lameness exams specialize in identifying and addressing animal mobility issues in Wynne, AR. Our skilled veterinarians conduct thorough assessments, utilizing advanced techniques to pinpoint causes. Count on us for personalized care, treatment, and rehabilitation, ensuring your animals regain optimal mobility and quality of life.

Pre-Purchase Exams

Secure informed decisions with our pre-purchase exams in Wynne, AR. Our comprehensive assessments evaluate potential pets or livestock, revealing health and suitability. Rely on our expert veterinarians for unbiased insights, enabling confident choices and ensuring a harmonious fit between you and your new companion or investment.

Pregnancy Checks

Ensure breeding success with our precise pregnancy checks in Wynne, AR. Our skilled veterinarians employ advanced techniques to confirm animal pregnancies, offering essential insights for management and care. Trust us for accurate results, expert guidance, and tailored strategies to support the health and well-being of your expectant animals.

Laceration Repair

Receive prompt laceration repair and care services in Wynne, AR, ensuring your animals’ swift recovery. Our expert veterinarians skillfully assess and treat wounds, utilizing modern techniques and materials. Count on us for meticulous care, reducing infection risks, promoting healing, and restoring your animals to optimal health and function.

Wound Care
Experience attentive wound care in Wynne, AR, tailored to your animals’ needs. Our veterinary team specializes in gentle yet effective treatment, ensuring proper healing and minimizing complications. From cleaning to dressing and ongoing monitoring, trust us to promote optimal recovery and well-being for your beloved animals.

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At Cross County Veterinary Clinic in Wynne, AR, we advance veterinary medicine without sacrificing the sense of community essential to providing high-quality patient care. We offer superior veterinary care with our team of committed specialists, cutting-edge facilities, and individualized services. Please use the PetDesk's online system to make an appointment for your pet, and download our app to stay updated on their health.

We proudly serve the pets of all of Cross County, AR (Wynne, Parkin, Earle, Cherry Valley, Vanndale), St. Francis County (Forrest City, Colt, Caldwell), Marion, West Memphis, Harrisburg, and McCroy.